Who is it for: This retreat is suitable for both beginners and those wishing to expand on their mindfulness meditation experience.

This exclusive residential weekend is designed to offer an experiential introduction to mindfulness meditation and its application in cultivating mental health, well being and self-development. The retreat explores mindfulness and its impact on health, wellbeing and personal transformation. It includes models of our mind, its activities and ways to cultivate present moment awareness in everyday life. This engaging and transformational experience offers an opportunity to learn with experienced teachers, allowing yourself some time out, learning to “switch off” and experience inner peace, emotional contentment and both a physical and mental rejuvenation. This retreat creates conditions in which to discover your authentic, expanded and connected sense of self, away from the noise of a busy world.

The weekend is paced with brief talks on mindfulness, mind-breath-body connection, models of mind incorporating both Eastern and Western psychologies, mind-body science with practical experiential sessions of guided sitting meditation practices, mindfulness of breath, body and sound. The schedule incorporates mindful movement based activities such as Chi-Kung (similar to Tai Chi – slow mindful movement – Wild Goose style) as well as nature walks integrating guide practice in cultivating awareness with self and nature. There will be time for group discussions, meditation, help on how to develop your own practice and integrating awareness based approaches to everyday life.

The weekend provides delicious home cooked seasonal, vegetarian meals


Who is it for: This retreat is suitable for individuals wishing to deepen their practice, improve their self-image, self-esteem and self-worth.

The Metta Retreat® is a unique retreat combining ancient wisdom with current science by bringing together two of the most powerful foundational practices known for their profound healing, transformational and positive impact on our psychology, emotions, health and well being. The retreat combines the latest research in the field of human psychology, health and well being with mindfulness and self-compassion based practices. Research has shown that self-compassion increases self-esteem, heals emotional trauma and significantly enhances emotional health and wellbeing, in addition to reducing anxiety, stress, and harmful emotional states such as anger, guilt, shame, self-criticism and depression.
This experiential retreat is grounded in mindfulness and self-compassion integrating practical guidance with psychology, mind-body medicine with current evidence based understanding and knowledge. The retreat is intended to help in pragmatic, practical ways, facilitate you in realising and accessing our existing inner resilience and understanding.


Who is it for: These powerful, transformative and enlightening retreats are for those wishing to catalyse self-actualization, self-realization and self-sovereignty

Transpersonal health and wellness is about uncovering your own path for personal and spiritual development and transformation. Dav has developed a set of residential retreats that are designed to provide a friendly, safe, secure and professional environment to enable transformative process to take place. The transpersonal retreats cover the following and would take upto 5 years to complete all seven retreats. The Symran Retreats ® are based on the seven perennial aspects essential for our transformation towards a harmonious, natural and spontaneous way of being.

Each workshop introduces techniques and understanding for the cultivation and deepening of each aspect through practice and discussion

Who am I? (Identifying “you” & uncovering your potential)
Understanding and knowing the nature of our Mind, calming our Mind and training the mind- Meditation – mindfulness & sound meditation
Emotional wisdom & intelligence, transforming destructives emotions
Discover and applying our values and ethics in life
Unveiling the sacred within & sacred vision
Spiritual Intelligence discovering meaning, wisdom and purpose
“Being” – Expression, intention, creativity


Who is it for: The seven Gurmat psycho-spiritual retreats catalyses self-actualization, self-realization and self-sovereignty.

“To be human is to know death, to know death is to know the ego, to know the ego is to transcend the ego, to transcend the ego is to be divine”

The series of Gurmat based psycho-spiritual self-transformational retreats enable the process of awakening, integrating, actualizing and expressing creativity and humanity.
The retreats are designed to enable participants to understand, recognize and cultivate specific states of being, through awareness development practices and techniques. Through the continuation of the practices introduced in the retreats, participants are prepared for subsequent retreats. This series of retreats have been designed to enable the cultivation of physical, mental and emotional health, to access our essential nature or Mool roop, your essential nature. These retreats have enabled many to awaken.