About us

The Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology was established in 2011 with the simple mission to bring together wisdom traditions, science, contemporary psychology and consciousness studies in order to provide an authentic verifiable and evidence based interventions focusing on human health, development and growth.

The Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology is a collaborative association of organizations, experts and practitioners from UK, Spain, India and China, working together to provide training and ongoing research in mindfulness and transpersonal based approaches and their application in health, human development, business management, human potential and transpersonal dimension of life.

The collaboration of experienced, and , knowledgeable groups of people bringing authenticity, authority and practical guidance in enabling fulfilment of human potential into self-actualizing, self-realizing and a self-sovereign/ self-governing human being.

The institute is founded upon:
Monoism (direct connections) between the mind and the body, in other words, the mind and body are connected in contrast to the dualism between mind and body in Western main stream psychology
Centrality of consciousness rather than the “ego”
Focus on the cultivation of daily practises as a life style rather than just chasing quick fixes
The Institute experts consist of researchers, practitioners, mystics, shamans and teachers, experts in the art of transformation, self development, self discovery and self growth. By combining individual authenticity, authority, integrity and friendship the team create a safe, productive and supported environment for optimum healing, growth and transformation. The results speak for themselves.

The Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology acknowledge the “spiritual” dimension within all, and unlike other mindfulness provide who shy away from the most important questions, The Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology specialises in enabling participants to discover their own spiritual essential nature.
The Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology work to enable individuals to cultivate self-awareness towards self-actualisation, self-realisation and self-sovereignty .
Our other innovative approach of effectively integrating right-mindfulness with evidence based applications of compassion, acceptance therapies, transpersonal psychology and emotional intelligence have made us the pioneers in a host of courses, including the first unique series of courses specifically aimed at Diabetes sufferers. Diabetes Management with Mindfulness (DMM)
We offer a range of Right-Mindfulness-based programs and courses to address stress, anxiety, depression and pain management, Our bespoke training-for- trainers (teacher training and professional development) programs are designed to enable participants to cultivate, grow, expand and deepen their own mindfulness practices integrated with self compassion and transpersonal development processes.

We offer both professional development (teacher training) and individual right-mindfulness courses, mindfulness based workshops, standard and professional courses and mindfulness residential retreats:
→ We offer teacher-training program in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), founded by Professors Zindel Segal, John Teasdale and Mark J.Williams , teacher-training program in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, the pioneering MB-Approach developed by Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn and Mindfulness based Diabetes Management (DMM) developed by Mindfulness and Transpersonal psychologist Davinder Singh Panesar.

→ The Institute provides bespoke culturally, religiously and communally sensitive right-mindfulness and compassion based interventions to address mental health in the community, which can be delivered in English, Punjabi, Urdu or Hindi

→ To address the mental health needs in various communities, our programs uniquely integrate, non-Eurocentric psychologies & psychotheuptical models together to reflect mental health from a right-mindfulness perspective in addition to addressing through practical guidance against the known contra-indications associated with such practices.

→ The Institute addresses the needs of those economically inactive and those in work through its comprehensive mindfulness programs which include wellness to work, wellness in work and well being at work.

→ We train trainers to meet the demands of corporate clients who wish to reduce unproductive stress in the work place and increase efficiency at work sessions through the provision of in-house well being support.

→ The Institute provides an innovative right- mindfulness for diabetes (DMM) comprehensive set of workshops and courses to meet the psychological and emotional needs of diabetes patients, carers and parents of diabetes patients.

→ provides our special and comprehensive set of right-mindfulness & compassion based stress management for carers ( MBSMC)-
→ has established annual right-mindfulness & compassion based iconic events and provides ongoing support and continuity through self-help mindfulness groups, as has been established at Coventry City center Library and The Coventry Cathedral.

Specialist mindfulness programs
→Our substantial experience in mindfulness has enabled us to design bespoke programs such as right-Mindfulness meditation integrated with Transpersonal Psychology.
→ We have successfully developed and delivered the first culturally appropriate Mindfulness based programs to specific communities, including MBCT in Urdu and Punjabi.

Personal Level
At The Institute you will find experienced experts in the application of evidence based approaches such as right-mindfulness, compassion, positive psychology (cultivation of health enhancing emotional states such as contentment, gratitude, hope, optimism, etc) and transpersonal approaches to personal health and wellbeing.
Our psychological health and well being programs and courses specialize in the treatment and healing the root cause for the many forms of suffering expressed as depression, severe unhappiness, anxiety, anger, ptsd, pain management and even chronic or terminal illnesses with mindfulness based therapies including, MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy), MBSM (mindfulness based stress management), MAST (Mindfulness based acceptance and self-compassion therapy).
We specialise in transforming people into healthy, awake, aware, and self-determining human beings.
We believe that every human being is on their individual path of self-development, self-growth and self-realisation. We believe that human life is more than simply going to school, working, accumulating material objects simply to die and leave all that you have worked so hard for behind, normally to a jumble sale .
We understand every life to be special, sacred and purposeful (even though one may have been conditioned not to realise this)
We understand that optimum human health can be cultivated through mindfulness, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence and authenticity.
We understand that the human body has an innate capacity to heal itself, provided certain conditions are met.
We specialise in working with the whole person through the cultivation of optimum health (physical, mental and emotional) and at a transpersonal level incorporating self-growth, self-actualisation and self-realisation.
We draw upon the wisdom of the world’s authentic spiritual traditions integrated with scientific developments in modern psychology and consciousness studies.
We recognise the significant difference between “Right mindfulness” (SAMMA SATI) and “wrong mindfulness” (MICCHA SATI )which is also known as “mindfulness” in modern western psychology.

Corporate Level
Our research and work for the corporate sector focuses on the integration of mindfulness and mindfulness-based approaches and models into business, including mindfulness in management (MM), mindfulness to combat work related stress (MBSR) and Authentic leadership programs and workshops.
Our courses are developed to meet three essential outcomes:- 1.They are experiential, practical with guided learning experiences. 2.They are designed to cultivate physical, mental and emotional health & well being. 3.They are designed for positive transformation & to facilitate Self-growth, Expression and Meaning and purpose
Transformative self-empowerment and self growth workshops
Our workshops and retreats are designed to enable positive transformation, growth and self-empowerment. These gold-standard and exclusive retreats are highly effective at initiating and supporting the awakening, self-development and self-empowering process to optimize your human potential.
These transformative and healing retreats and workshops have been built upon experience and expertise which has integrated the latest scientific research in mindfulness, compassion based therapeutic models, fields of Consciousness studies, transpersonal psychology, positive psychology and cognitive therapy with other evidence-based tried and tested practices such as Chi-kung, Kundalini Yoga, acupressure and acupuncture to maximize the healing and self development…
All our courses, retreats and workshops consist of inspired and transformative experiential learning, enabling you to experience a deep sense peace, joy, clarity and discover your authentic self.