Welcome to the Institute of Mindfulness & Transpersonal Psychology

" The Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology uniquely brings together mind-body science, contemporary psychology, authentic wisdom traditions, meditation, contemplative practices and philosophy."


What does the Institute provide?

Certification Programs

Science, Consciousness & Wisdom

The Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology was established in 2011 as a collaborative association of professional organizations, world-renowned experts and practitioners from the UK, Spain, India and China, working together to provide professional training and conduct ongoing research in authentic Mindfulness and transpersonal based approaches and their application in education, health care, business management, human resources and fulfillment of human potential.

The institution prides itself on its authentic teachers, researchers and innovators in the field of Mindfulness and transpersonal psychology.

The Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology uniquely work to enable individuals to cultivate self-awareness, self-actualisation and self-realisation towards self-sovereignty.

The Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology acknowledge the “spiritual” dimension within all, and unlike other mindfulness provide who shy away from the most important questions, The Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology specialisms in enabling participants to discover their own authentic nature.

Our other innovative approach of effectively integrating mindfulness with evidence based applications of compassion, acceptance therapies, transpersonal psychology and emotional intelligence have made us the pioneers in a host of courses, including the first unique series of courses specifically aimed at Diabetes sufferers. Diabetes Management with Mindfulness (DMM)

We offer Mindfulness based training in English, Spanish and south Asian languages of Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi. This includes a range of Mindfulness-based programs and courses to address stress, anxiety, depression, in addition to mindfulness based programs focused on self-development, self-actualization and self-realization.

Our bespoke professional and practitioners courses, training-for- trainers (teacher training and professional development) programs are designed to enable participants to cultivate, grow, expand and deepen their own mindfulness practices integrated with self compassion and transpersonal elements of self-awareness.  Through the institute practitioners have a direct link to authentic lineage that can be traced to 1469, ensuring that all our trained professional have access to expertise and experiences in all aspects of meditation and mindfulness based interventions.

We offer through our partners, a series of workshops, courses and residential retreats to enable you to embark, enjoy and progress on your profound journey of self-discovery, growth and actualisation. This journey begins with right-mindfulness, taking you beyond, to discover self-compassion, creativity, meaning, positive emotions and self-purpose.

Our mindfulness, self-compassion and transpersonal workshops, courses and retreats have empowered over 20,000 individuals to regain their mental, emotional and physical health, wellbeing and sense of self, helping them to discover meaning and purpose in life. Our workshops, courses and retreats designed to take you beyond mindfulness and provide a complete progression route to your self-development.